Quotes – Selected by Dr Nigel Masters, 04/10/06

Michael O’Donnell (Past Editor of now defunct World Medicine which was an inspiration to me in my early medical training years) who describes himself as a Retired GP and journeyman writer sent an email that said:

“A common ingredient of great ideas is a simplicity that provokes the response ‘Now why didn’t I think of that’. And this is a great idea. Congratulations.” – October 2003

From the movie ‘What’s Up Doc?’ – Peter Bogdanovich – 1972

The Judge says: ‘See this yellow pill’
The Bailiff asks: ‘Do you know what it is for?’
The Judge says: ‘It’s to remind me to take the blue one’
The Bailiff says: ‘What is the blue one for Judge?’
The Judge replies: ‘I don’t know, they are afraid to tell me’.

Lucy Jenkins of NB MEDICAL EDUCATION Courses

What has changed my practice recently – Indication labelling on prescription – “I think this is a fantastic idea: good for patients and good for other health professionals.” – Spring 2006

Vice-Chairman of the BUPA Foundation Dr Andrew Vallance-Owen

“We immediately recognised this as an innovative idea that would have a far-reaching impact on patients and carers.” – November 2005

Dr Roger Neighbour President of the Royal College of General Practitioners

“These awards are a tribute to and in recognition of the enterprising nature of GPs. Initiatives such as the one pioneered by Dr Masters deliver real added value to patients. We would to see his system used more widely across the UK.” – October 2004

Dr Steven Ladyman, Health Minister

“Innovation such as this must be applauded. With 640 million prescriptions given out each year even a small percentage of error means thousands of patients can be affected. With clearer information on prescriptions, the chances of mistakes happening will be greatly reduced.” – October 2004