Logic intergrated Medical Assessment

The LiMA (Logic intergrated Medical Assessment) software program used in the work capability assessments by the Department of Work and Pensions uses a clinical indications process to link drugs to their clinical indication. Information states that The LiMA system provides Healthcare Professionals (HCP) with a system of data entry that minimises typing. This is known as 'assisted text control ' and allows information to be quickly and easily added to a report. Their use is said to be never mandated and the option of 'free text ' (where the user types into the report) is always available.The HCP when adding a pharmaceutical medication are given a list of possible clinical indications from a pre-prepared pick list which is added to the report. This linkage of drug and clinical indications helps lay assessors understand the role of the medicine prescribed in a given client.

January 1, 2014 12:00 am

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